Senior Programs

Get involved at the Y

Active Living Center

Welcome to the Active Living Center at the YMCA!

A community gathering place - for all ages. The ALC is a multi-purpose space for recreation, socialization and education. This is FREE and open to the public in partnership with the YMCA, ElderCircle and the City of Grand Rapids.

We hope to encourage area seniors to pursue active, meaningful and healthy lives. We invite you to share your talents and interests!

Come and join in the many programs we offer or just stop by for coffee and conversation. Please see current schedule for this month's activities. The ALC is open YMCA hours.

Please consider giving a contribution to the Active Living Center. Your donation helps us to provide coffee, snacks, and programming for a lively, involved community center here at the ALC.

Contact Nene, Active Living Center Coordinator, at 327-1161, or email: for more information on Active Living Center programs.

Fitness for the Active Older Adult

Check out our class schedules! The YMCA has a variety of classes for all levels. You can find a copy of all of our current schedules at the YMCA Membership Desk or you can click on the links below for our schedules of classes.

You may also choose to workout at your own pace and schedule; contact our Wellness Center staff for help setting up a workout to fit YOU!

Pickleball is a fun game that is played on a badminton court with the net lowered to 34 inches at the center. It is played with a perforated plastic baseball (similar to whiffle ball) and a wood or composite paddle. It is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced competitive game for experienced players. Join us on 7:30am - 9:50am Monday - Saturday!


ElderCircle's mission is "to maintain the independence of seniors by linking them, their families and caregivers to services", enabling them to remain in their homes longer.

ElderCircle offices are located at the YMCA. They offer a variety of programs such as Adult Day Services, Groceries to Go, RSVP Volunteer Program, and Chore Service. Visit their website for full detail of the many programs they offer!